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IT Services

Maximize Growth
Minimize Disruptions

Discover how our trusted IT experts can tailor a network you'll love.

Guarentee Purchase

Custom solutions, sample requests, comprehensive test reports, and robust warranty & return policies. Quality and satisfaction guaranteed with every purchase.

Expert Service

24/7 around-the-clock customer service and ongoing technical support from our trusted IT experts for tackling any concerns. 

Delivery Excellence

FREE Shipping on orders over $499. Configured hardware dispatches swiftly post-discovery call. Fast, reliable delivery with ample stock ready to ship. 

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Managed IT Services

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Conx360 delivers expert IT support, elevating your infrastructure beyond mere maintenance. Let us fortify your tech with the latest technology and 24/7 support so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Networking Services 

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We craft end-to-end networking security solutions tailored to fulfill your organization's specific needs and budget, ensuring seamless connectivity and proactive monitoring that patch vulnerabilities before they cause security issues. 

Cybersecurity Services

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We implement secure, scalable, and repeatable security solutions to avoid cyber threats and ensure regulatory compliance. We implement zero trust access, multi-layered assessments, and constant monitoring to safeguard your information.

Installations and Configurations

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Streamline your setup with our expert remote installation and configuration services. Following a detailed discovery call to understand your specific needs, we guarantee your network equipment is optimized for max performance.

06. Ongoing Support

After implementing our solutions, our focus shifts to empowering your growth. Expect less downtime and more peace of mind with our continuous 24/7 support and guidance.  

05. Delivery

Our premium delivery services are designed to ensure that your IT hardware arrives when you need it in a timely manner. 

04. Configuration & Optimization

We configure your custom-fit IT environment to match your business's workflow, followed by optimization for peak reliability.

03. Strategy & Planning

Based on our IT audit, we develop a clear and strategic IT roadmap that outlines the hardware  implementation timeline and goals for your business's IT deployment.

02. Blueprint & Acquisition

We handpick robust hardware options that promise compatibility with high performance at a competitive price from our trusted vendors.

01. Discovery & Diagnostic

We begin with a thorough questionnaire to ensure we understand your specific IT needs, goals, and current infrastructure.


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Are you struggling to find help with your IT? Explore how our specialized expertise aligns with your unique IT challenges. Our dedicated team of IT engineerings is here to configure your Meraki products, provide troubleshooting support, and offer high-level IT consulting!


Call us today or fill in the form to initiate a partnership to scale your current operations. Together, we'll create a comprehensive solution that guarantees your IT infrastructure not only meets but exceeds expectations.

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